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Fully Automated Toroid Winding Machine


Multiple winding way starts from 4-set enameled wire winding (single set winding and double set winding),single winding as well as parallel winding which all can be composed from setting up the torioids, winding to cutting as well as finished product are all automated. Using the advanced programmable digital logic program, digital operation, built in system self - diagnostic function, I / O display, as well as working for twenty-four hours.The guarantee of high-qualities are as below:
  1. Winding would not do any damage to enameled wire which brings the withstand voltage of the right coil’s magnetic inductance.
  2. The distribution of the toroid coil brings the low leakage inductance.
  3. Stable quality of the coil production brings the consistency production.
  4. The precision of the coil winding brings the right inductance value.

Type  CTM-1032A    
Wire-feeding motor  Servo Motor Turning speed  1,000rpm (Max)
Traverse motor  Servo Motor Power supply  AC220V±10% Single phase 50/60Hz
Min Cutting precision  0.1° Power consumption  700W
Torid coil outer diameter   2.5~10.0mm Machine weight  120Kg
Wire size  Φ0.1∼Φ0.2 Air Supply  4∼6Kg
Toroid coil diameter  Above 1.5mm Machine dimension  1100(L)x600(W)x1000(H)mm
Storage  70 set of winding patterns(Max)
◎Wire-storage plate
◎Uploading function of toroid coil
◎Vibrating plate of toroid Coil

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