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2017-12 Yeou Yuan Machine Co.,LTD. Has met the requirements of an Automation Engineering Service Organization
2017-11 Okinawa, Japan~incentive tour
2015-12 Auto-mini circle coil winding CTM-1230 new publish final test.
2015-11 Mini molding power choke coil winding up grade to 4 generation for 2520~1608
2015-10 Completed ISO 9001 : Year 2008 2015 renewal.
2015-07 Robot applications expand to replace the traditional transport.
2014-07 UU series the whole factory putout auto production line ,Winding→Reel taping→Solder joint→Testing→Magnet assembling→Inject with glue→Through baking tunnel→Printing→appearance inspection(CCD)→variety inspect→setting row packing.
2013-09 RFID WPC Automatic winding process development completed.
2013-07 Mini molding choke advanced working process setting completed.
2013-05-10 FACEBOOK news(Turnover-forward Type Soldering Machine published)
2013-03-04 TTnet.net new/Web66/taiwantrade news(Turnover-forward Type Soldering Machine news published)
2013-01-15 Customized Turnover-forward Type Soldering Machine new release
2012-07-31 TaiwanTrade.com(D&B D-U-N-S Registered)is hot now
2012-03-28~31 Visiting The 13th Shenzhen International Machinery Manufacturing Industry Exhibition
2012-03-01 ERP easy system start operating
2011-11-28 Order a server
2011-11-15 Order ERP Easy System
2011-10-13 Short URL Facebook application
2011-10-13 Introduction Video on You Tube
2011-10-07 Facebook fan group set up
2011-01-29 Inauguration of new branch in Taiwan
2009-10-02 Preparing for CE Mark
2009-10-02 Visiting China Sourcing Expo
2009-10-01 Find business agent

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