High Frequency Transformer Automatic Taping & Winding Machine CMIXTP3
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High Frequency Transformer Automatic Taping & Winding Machine CMIXTP


The main body is made of cast iron with precision machining for stable, high-speed and long-term operation. The main shaft fixture of the equipment adopts a quick-change structure, and the machine can be replaced without removing screws.

The core standard parts of the equipment use high quality components, which can be quickly assembled into a production line, and can also be independent of the production line to realize the integrated production of winding and wrapping tape.

Applicable fields:

This machine is suitable for large quantity and high efficiency coil winding and taping. High frequency transformers, low frequency transformers, switching power supply coils and various transformers.




Model and Type Model:CMIXTP Type:CMI9008TP/CMI5512TP/CMI3516TP/CMI2520TP
Number of spindles 8 / 12 / 16 / 20 Axes
Spindle spacing 8 axes 105mm / 12 axes 70mm
16 axes 51mm / 20 axes 40mm
Spindles turn speed 10,000 rpm (Max)
X.Y.Z axis movement distance X axis: 100mm    Y axis : 140mm    Z axis: 110mm
X.Y.Z axis movement speed 200mm/sec (Max)
Wire size 0.03-0.4mm
Applicable coil spec.
Max coil outer dia.
8 axes 90mm / 12 axes 55mm
16 axes 35mm / 20 axes 25mm
Air supply 5-7kgf/cm2
Power supply AC220V ± 10% 50/60 Hz
Power consumption 5 kva (4000W)
Machine Weight: 800kg  Dimensions: 1,200(W)*1,450(D)*1,600(H)mm
Options ◎Cutting nipper

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